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ZooRacing ZooZilla Logo Small Kopie.png

The ZooRacing ZooZilla is the perfect Allrounder for any track. Stable and predictable handling plus tight cornering makes the ZooZilla into a weapon. A great podium finish in the 13.5T Pro Stock class at the ETS R1 in Vienna 2018 was it´s debut.

ZooRacing PREOPARD Logo Small Kopie.png

The ZooRacing Preopard gives you extra-bite in tight corners and a fantastic overall downforce. The unmatched rotation and super stable rear, when it goes on the straights, all this makes the Preopard fast.

EFRA approved.

PREOPARD AD-1 Kopie.jpg
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg
ZOOZILLA AD-1 Kopie.jpg

The ZooRacing Dogsbollox has a super-low and steep nose plus recessed roof for less drag makes it into a corner eater. Perfect for Pro Stock and Modified Racing. This is the first LCG touring car body. The 6mm lowered rear end and lowered rear wing provides quicker change of direction and has less roll-over issues. EFRA European Champion!

DBX AD-1 Kopie.jpg
ZooRacing DOGSBOLLOX Logo Small
ZooRacing HELLCAT Logo SmallKopie.png

The ZooRacing Hellcat was designed for maximum efficiency and speed. The longer front end with a super-low hood and the curved rear end, the airstream flows more homogeneously around the cab until the 3D curved rear wing. The result is much quicker cornering and less drag. The Hellcat is for both - Stock and Modified Racing.

ZooRacing ZOODIAC Logo3 Kopie.png

The ZooRacing Zoodiac is our first GT body for 190mm touring cars. Designed for maximum performance and super scale look at the same time. This body creates maximum downforce, minimum drag and a great overall handling. The weapon for all GT classes.

HELLCAT AD-1 Kopie.jpg
ZOODIAC AD-1 Kopie.jpg
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg
diet dbx.jpg
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg

The ZooRacing Baybee is based on the the soul of the Dogsbollox. A longer front nose and a lowered shoulder line creates even more downforce and rotating in fast corners. The new high-efficient wing sits lower and and it´s courved shape follows the rear body line. The result is a lower center of gravity and more efficiency.

BAYBEE AD-1 Kopie.jpg
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg
diet baybee.jpg
ZooRacing Gorilla Logo Kopie.png

The ZooRacing Gorilla is the long awaited FWD Touring car body for the super popular FWD class around the globe. We designed this amazing detailed and realistic looking body with performance and style in mind. The low center of gravity and compact design makes the Gorilla to weapon on the track. Multiple ETS Frontie Champion!

GORILLA AD-1 Kopie.jpg
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg
diet gorilla.jpg

The ZooRacing Wolverine Max is the updated version of the super polular Wolverine to meet the EFRA/IFMAR rules. A carefully changed design and some refinements on all areas make this body more stiffer and produce with it´s innovativ design more rotation in the corners and quicker, more nimble reaction, than any body before. The agressive front and the new rear end design also produce more downforce overall. IFMAR, EFRA World and European Champion 2022!

zooracing max worldchampion add-1 Kopie.jpg
wolverine max logo.png
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg
diet wolverine.jpg
BWOAH logo-1.png

The ZooRacing BWOAH is a GT LeMans Hypercar class body. The cutting edge design set a new standard in this class - for look and performance.

The ultra low design generates less drag and more downforce, than most other GT class bodies. On the same way the point of gravity is very low. This body is made to meet all GT and USGT rules. And the hybrid rear wing allows with it´s two different cutting lines the traditional wing hight and the lower hight to meet the USGT rules. Multiple ROAR USGT Champion!

BWOAH AD-1 Kopie.jpg
diet bwoah.jpg
DRAKSTER AD-1 Kopie.jpg
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg

The ZooRacing DRAKSTER is a 1:12 racing LMP class body. A complete new revolutionary design allows maximum downforce and corner speed on a new level. The cab forward design and the structured sides of the body allows the airflow an optimized way around the body towards the rear spoiler. That makes the DRAKSTER not only super fast, it also increase the strengt of the body a lot. The additional strenght keep the body in form even with high speed. The DRAKSTER meets the EFRA/IFMAR rules and is homologated already.

diet drakster.jpg
ANTI logo.png

The ZooRacing ANTI is the evolution of the super successful Wolverine, but with a more stable handling in mind. Especially made for modified racing and stock racing, where more downforce and a more planted rear is needed. A more forgiving handling and a more stable corner exit was the goal of designing this beauty. The ANTI meets the EFRA/IFMAR rules and is homologated already.

ANTI AD-1 Kopie.jpg
EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg
diet anti.jpg

The ZooRacing GOAT is made for all racers and all types of tracks. It goes on all terrain! Less agressive than our IFMAR World Champion Wolverine MAX body, but more side bite. The GOAT has a lot rotation in the corners, is nimble and has a bit more forgiving handling, when it goes on the main straights. The new aerodynamic package allows higher speeds through the corners. Perfect for Stock classes and also Modified racing. The GOAT comes with our new 0.4mm AIRlite material for the absolutely hardcore racers. Of course we offer the 0.5 and 0.7mm as well. The GOAT meets the official GBS rules.

diet goat.jpg

The long awaited Gorilla MAX is the evolution of one of the most successful Frontie bodies ever. 

Refined on so many areas, that we truly can speak about an enire new body! The new designed front grill section, new designed, much more aerodynamic wheelhouses, a shorter rear end and the tear drop shape of the roof make the new Gorilla MAX faster on the straight, quicker in the corners and is easier to handle! All surface areas are smoothed to reduce aerodynamic drag and also give the new body a much more realistic look!

EFRAIFMAR appr-1.jpg
diet gorilla.jpg


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