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ZooRacing Performance Bodies - designed and tested in Germany. Exclusively by RC-KleinKram.

RC-KleinKram from Germany are pleased to announce their new ZooRacing Performance Bodies brand ZooRacing. The brainchild of RC-KleinKram founder Stefan Klein, ZooRacing is setting sails to becoming the new benchmark in body shell design. Designed in Germany using the latest 3D CAD software, ZooRacing bodies will set themselves apart from the norm. Never-seen-before features combine with visually appealing designs, resulting in high performance competition body shells that offer the best possible combination of unparalleled performance, creative ideas, cool looks and practical detail solutions, all of which will make prepping and using the bodies a lot easier, more convenient and fun.

RC-KleinKram is the World-wide ZooRacing distributor and dealer inquires are welcome at


clear body.JPG

All ZooRacing bodies are designed and tested by CAD simulation. For example, we check wheel clearance when fully compressed suspension to make sure, the wheels don´t touch the wheel housing in any situation.

After design and simulation process we go straight into making a wooden mold.

wooden mold.jpg
aluminium mold.jpg

After milling the wooden mold, there is a lot of work to to smoothen the surface by hand. After this process, the final mold comes from cast aluminium.  


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