ZooRacing 3-piece Touring Car Wing Set #ZR0010

June 21, 2020

Finally it is here! The new 3-piece wing set for Touring Cars!

The Gorilla is here!

April 23, 2020

ZooRacing Gorilla FWD body ZR-0008

Forget everything you know about FWD bodies. The long anticipated ZooRacing Gorilla is on the way. Low, lightweight, realistic looking and fast! The next chapter of the super successfull ZooRacing designs.

Check the specs!


January 30, 2020

Check out the tech and specs of our lates touring car body for 2020!

ZooRacing ZOODIAC GT body

June 23, 2019

Zooracing goes GT

We are a little proud about our new GT body - the ZOODIAC! Performance meets scale realism. The ZOODIAC is the new performer in the growing Touring GT class around the world.

Check all information on the ZOODIAC product page!

Reedy Race of Champions 2019

June 04, 2019

Victor Wilck wins the Reedy Race of Champions! We congratulate Victor for his amazing victory at the ROC2019! He used our ZooRacing Dogsbollox body - as most other fast drivers of this event. Thank you very much!

Hellcat Release

May 20, 2019

After the amazing worldwide success of the ZooRacing Preopard and the Dogsbollox, we developed a new thing for the racers. See all informations on the HELLCAT page!

OneTen Serie 2019

April 01, 2019

The ZooRacing Dogsbollox is still the most popular body out there. At the OneTen Series in Hong Kong - chinas biggest touring car series, all A-Main drivers used the ZooRacing Dogsbollox body. After the great success at the ETS Daun and the TITC2019, the Dogsbollox proved it´s great handling on all surfaces. No matter, if it´s indoor carpet, or asphalt tracks.

Big thanks to the drivers and congratulations to the winners!

TITC 2019

March 03, 2019

Thanks to the organizers and all drivers for the great race at the TITC 2019!

ZooMania at ETS Round 2 - Daun

February 11, 2019

Like a shockwave, ZooRacing bodies were the most used bodies at the ETS Round 2 in Daun/Germany. Even most team drivers was forced to use our Preopard and Dogsbollox bodies to be competitive. Something like that, we never have seen before. Anyway, thanks for driving our bodies to all drivers and team drivers! 

Congratulations to Bruno Coelho for the win in the modified class - with our ZooRacing Dogsbollox body!

ETS Round 2 - Daun 2019

Result modified class:

1. Bruno Coelho - ZooRacing
2. Frederik Südhoff - PF
3. Ronald Völker - PF
4. Christopher Krapp - PF
5. Marc Rheinard - ZooRacing
6. Yannic Prümper - ZooRacing
7. Viktor Wilck - ZooRacing
8. Alexander Hagberg - ZooRacing
9. Elliott Harper - PF
10. Viljami Kutvonen - BittyDesign
11. Marco Kaufmann - ZooRacing

ETS Round 2 - Daun

February 03, 2019

Round 2 of the ETS series in Daun/Germany is around the corner and many drivers started to use our latest ZooRacing bodies with very good results. One of those drivers is 4 times World Champion Marc Rheinard, who tested the Preopard with great success at the GP3F Race in France a week ago. Now it starts getting serious and we are looking forward to see, how the Touring Car Class Super Star will perform with ZooRacing. Good luck!

Dogsbollox on sale now!

January 23, 2019

Finally the long anticipated ZooRacing Dogsbollox is on sale now. The first batch is on the way to our worldwide distributors and shops. Join the Revolution!

Preopard wins DHI Cup 2019 title!

January 13, 2019

The winner of the DHI Cup 2019 Pro Stock class is the ZooRacing Preopard! After a dominating qualification and TQ, Tim Benson was able to win big his second DHI Cup title.

Also on podium was Lukas Ellerbrock on 3rd place with a Preopard. 40% of the A-final drivers trusted the Preopard.

In the modified class was another podium for the Preopard. Patrick Hornum made the 3rd place in the A-final and proved with some other ZooRacing A-finalists, that this body is also perfect for modified racing.

Congratulations to all!

New distributors for Japan, Australia and USA/Canada

January 08, 2019

We are excited to announce our new distributors for Japan, Australia and USA/Canada!

All of them share the same passion and enthusiastic for RC racing and support their customers. We are happy to have them in the ZooRacing family and to grow with us. We already have much success with our line of touring car bodies and there will follow many new crazy animals to rock the tracks around the world!

ZooRacing Japan: RC-Mission

ZooRacing Australia: R.A.B. Hobbies

ZooRacing USA/Canada: Apex RC

For detailed informations please check our Dealer section on our website.

The RC Racer Blog - Preopard Review

November 27, 2018

Craig from the famous The RC Racer Blog made a great and interesting review of our Preopard body. Check out his experience when building and on the track!

RC Racing Europe - Our new exclusive distributor for UK!

November 20, 2018

We are proud to announce, that RC Racing Europe is our new and exclusive distributor for United Kingdom! RC Racing Europe is well known in the RC Racing Scene for their great service and support to the drivers. From now on they will support constantly and reliable all our ZooRacing products.

Kentech Blog Review

November 18, 2018

Check out the latest review on the famous Kentech Blog! Kenneth checked our ZooZilla and Preopard. Plus Interview with ZooRacing!

A revolution for the next generation bodies

November 06, 2018

To demonstrate ZooRacing´s power of innovation, we will come with a true revolution in RC Touring Car Body Design. More information soon.

The Preopard is on sale now.

November 05, 2018

After a huge ammount of testing and development, we are proud to have the Preopard on sale now! The Preopard is EFRA legal and is designed to meet the GBS rules. Soon we get the BRCA approval as well. If you are looking for more corner speed and bite on medium to high grip tracks, the Preopard is the number one!

Ask your local hobby shop, or favorite web shop for order.

The Zoozilla is on sale now!

October 31, 2018

First race - first podum finish - at the ETS Race Round 1 in Vienna. Tim Benson and Lukas Ellerbrock written history with the brand new ZooRacing ZooZilla. Now you can order yours at your local hobby shop, or favorite web shop. 

ZooRacing Flow Simulation Video on Facebook

September 25, 2018

We know, computer simulations can not tell much about handling and feeling of a body, but it helps to spot aerodynamic issues and to improve the design for better performance on the track.


Check out our flow simulation video on our Facebook Page!

ZooRacing ZooZilla Prototype is ready.

July 01, 2018

Today we have our first mold for the ZooRacing ZooZilla body ready. Happy to pull some of the very first samples for checking and testing.

ZooRacing on Facebook

May 30, 2018

ZooRacing has just created a Facebook Page. Get the latest news there and like us!

ZooRacing is on!

May 29, 2018

After much work behind the scenes, ZooRacing is online!

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